This year included new additions of a snowman inflatable and a santa in sled with two reindeer inflatable. The display also included about 30 new blowmolds. I have almost every blowmold imaginable. Next year it will all be computerized due to X-10 technology and Light-O-Rama and 35,000 more lights. It will also include 8 new inflatables, 20 new blowmolds (as of 11/16/2003), and three new animated reindeer.

This is a whole view of the front display.

This is a front picture of the archway.

Here are two behind the archway pictures.

Here are 3 more pictures of the front yard display.

Here are two pictures of the display in the left side of the yard.

This is a picture oh how the lights would look standing on the front porch.

Here are 3 pictures of the right side of the yard. This included a handmade Christmas Train.

This is a topview of the left side of the yard if you were standing on the porch.

Here are three pictures of my nativity display inside the barn.