This year included 12 inflatables. The display also included about 30 new blowmolds. I have close to 200 blowmolds. This year the lights were computerized using Light-O-Rama and had a total somewhere between 20-30,000 lights. I ran out of time and energy to get everything out. I still had probably 10,000 lights in storage and 30 of the small sculptures. Computerizing your lights takes lots of time and extension cords!

Here are three pictures of the whole view of the front display. You can see where the lights change from color to color.

Here are some pictures of the barn.

This is a picture out of focus but I thought it looked kinda cool.

Here are some pictures of the nativity.

Here are 3 pictures of the blowmolds that were computerized using Light-o-Rama.

Here are some pictures of the display of the pond scene and wireframes from Christmas Done Bright.

This is a picture of the carolers and gingerbread display.

Here are some pictures of the pool area. This included some blowmolds bought from Mark Obermiller.

Here are some pictures of the 12 inflatables.